Thursday, September 27, 2018

FAQ - Unlimited Google Drive with Free MS Office 365

How to get it go to

Q - WOW Is this really Unlimited?
Yes, you can upload and save unlimited files, photos, documents, videos - any kind of file you want. Absolutely no limits.

Q - Are all files really stored by Google?
Yes, you are getting a new Google Drive account (nothing to do with any personal Gmail that you have now), but ours is special. Normally if you get a free google account it comes with 15GB space but ours comes with UNLIMITED space and thats where the difference is. All powered by the same Google technology you use every day.

Q - Is my data fully safe and secure, can anyone else access it?
Just you and anyone who uses your computer can access the data, no one else can access it. We can only create accounts from our admin area and you get sent access, after that you have full control and ownership of your account.

Q - Does this also allow File Sharing like Dropbox?
Yes, this is just like having a Google Drive account but with unlimited space so it comes with all the features of File Sharing, Collaborating on documents, unlimited file downloads etc etc.

Q - Can I use this as ADDITIONAL storage to my computer? Can I dump files to the online storage that I do not need often?
Yes, absolutely you can, this can be an addon storage on the cloud, if your laptop or desktop has limited storage, you can use this as additional cloud drive to keep extra files or old photos or videos that you do not access often. This is perfect for that.

Q - Can I access my cloud storage files from anywhere if I do not carry my laptop with me all the time?

Yes, you can. You do not need your computer, just login to the online Gdrive account and access all your files from anywhere - you can use a public computer or a friends computer if you want and download any file you need.

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