Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Invitation untuk Gmail telah saya hantarkan!

Gmail invitation untuk 30 orang telah saya berikan.
Sila semak email anda dan cepat-cepat daftar kerana invitation tersebut akan terbatal nanti.
Berikut ialah sedikit tulisan berkaitan G-mail dalam Bahasa Inggeris.


Google gmail

Free email services are nothing new online.
Hotmail quickly became a very established name before they were
absorbed by Microsoft. Yahoo has their own offering as well in
addition to the many other smaller players.

Why offer free email?

Because it makes great sense for creating loyal traffic to a
site. It serves as the basis for a strong "portal" site.
Microsoft has while Yahoo has its own portal site. The
more convenience and information they can offer in one place, the
more traffic and revenue they can create from that site.
Google realizes this and they have taken steps in a big way to

Google Gmail

Google's new free email service is called gmail.
One thing google is doing to get people to convert over is offer
more email storage space.

A LOT more space.

While hotmail and yahoo typically offer 10mb or under, google
will be giving away 1gb (which equals 1,000mb) of storage. This
will allow up to 500,000 email messages in a free email account.
Currently Google is upgrading to more than 2GB.

Other Google Options

There are other benefits of google's new service. These benefits
make use of some of the technology that google has learned to

The most obvious thing google is known for is its search and
research capabilities. These will be worked into gmail.

Google will allow you to quickly and easily locate any
information in any email you ever sent with them.

You will also be able to group related emails in an intelligent
fashion based on content. For example, if you had an ongoing
email conversation with someone based on a specific topic, gmail
will give you the option to intelligently group those related
conversations for easy reference.

Bound To Be Controversial

Another thing that google is known for is its pay-per-click
adwords and adsense programs. Gmail will be incorporating this
technology into their free service as well.

Gmail will be able to tell the context of the email you are
reading and then offer relevant ads on the screen. The example
given is if you someone had emailed you about an upcoming
concert. The gmail program could tell what the context of the
message is and offer related links to buy tickets to the show.

This might tend to get people a bit paranoid, thinking that
google is reading all of their mail. In fact it is done instantly
with their algorithms that they have created over the years.

It is in fact not much different at all that what spam filters
due to your email already. They aren't spying on you. The
algorithms are simply figuring out what ads to serve to you.

Future Possibilities?

One thing is for certain, this will be a major challenge to
Microsoft and Yahoo. I am betting you will see them increase
their email space limits as well.

I would personally love to see google's engineers take a hard
look at coming up with some spam solutions. They are obviously an
innovative bunch. Now that they are entering into the email
business, I wouldn't be suprised to see them come out with some
useful approaches.

One Last Thing

I know I signed up as soon as it was available.

If you are thinking about it also, I would do it as soon as you
could. You have a much better chance of securing the email
account that you want. may quickly disappear
as a lot of people jump on board to take advantage of this new
google offering.

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