Tuesday, June 27, 2006

How To Paint Yourself Without Painting

Well, it depends on how you want to paint your day. You can use a bright colour, a dull colour or even well-blended colours. Be a good artist, paint up a nice portrait of yourself before you start each day and face your family, your clients, your colleagues or even someone you don’t know. Let it be a beautiful portrait that you share with others, so that it may be a great impact and become worthy and priceless at the later days… for every priceless piece of art was drawn by someone, some years ago and are appreciated by someone and some years later. Be a beautiful portrait to others….and surely you will be well remembered.

Life is always full of colours.
It depends on which colour you want to put up each day.
Yellow for a bright & sunny day;
blue for a lighter day
green for a day of adventurous
red for a hot-tempered day; gray & black for a glooming day….

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Bookwormz said...

wow! u know what, everytime i cycle at a park near my house, i see a few senior citizens painting on a canvas with oil paint. and also it's amazing to see how children draw, colour or paint a picture, especially the ones after 4 years old. u can see a huge difference in hteir drawing when they were two yrs. old.